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Viridis is here to help you track your impact and keep you competitive.

With consolidated background in environmental services, impact assessment and modelling, Viridis offers industries to align with sustainability standards and create positive impact along their value chain.

Materiality analysis
Strategy development
Sustainability roadmaps

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    Viridis Vision

    We strongly believe that to achieve a sustainable world, we need to act now and we need to act precisely.

    We follow science based approach and keep you up to date with the latest legislations and standards.

    Professional Skills

    By leveraging our expertise and staying at the forefront of environmental innovation, we empower your business to reduce costs, increase operational efficiency, enhance brand reputation, and contribute positively to the planet.

    Viridis helps your business to be in line with regulatory system.

    We are dedicated to deliver innovative and forward-looking strategies that tackle environmental challenges and foster sustainable growth for your business. Recognizing the mounting pressure on businesses to reduce their environmental impact, we provide tailored solutions without compromising profitability. Our comprehensive range of services encompasses the implementation of renewable energy systems, optimisation of waste management processes, development of circular economy initiatives, and integration of sustainable supply chains. By collaborating  with us, your business can effectively navigate the ever-changing environmental landscape, ensuring a harmonious balance between social responsibility and economic success.

    Materiality analysis
    Identify and Monitor KPIs
    Sustainability Strategy & Roadmaps
    In Detail

    This is our

    Transforming today in a greener tomorrow. This is our way:

    Phase 1 Step 1
    Initial Consultation

    Meet with the potential client to understand their business plan, challenges and specific needs.

    Step 2
    Proposal and Agreement

    Present our proposal outlining the scope of work, deliverables, timeline, and cost. Once the client approves, we sign a contract.

    Phase 2 Step 1
    Project Kickoff

    Kickoff meeting with the client to introduce the project, define roles and responsibilities, and set project expectations.

    Step 2
    Data Collection and Analysis

    Gather relevant data on client's current practices and on relevant metrics and metric components. Analyze the data to identify impacts and areas for improvement.

    Step 3
    Gap Analysis

    Compare the client's current practices to industry standards and best practices. Identify risks and opportunities for sustainability improvements.

    step 4
    Strategy Development

    Work with the client to develop a customized sustainability strategy, including specific goals, targets, and action plans.

    step 5
    Implementation Planning

    Create a detailed implementation plan that outlines the steps, responsibilities, and timelines for executing the sustainability goals and targets.

    step 6
    Stakeholder Engagement

    Engage with key stakeholders within the client's organization to ensure their buy-in and commitment to the sustainability initiatives.

    step 7
    Training and Awareness

    Conduct training sessions and awareness programs to educate employees about sustainable practices and their role in the company's sustainability efforts.

    step 8

    Execute the sustainability initiatives according to the agreed-upon plan.

    Phase 3 step 1
    Monitoring and Evaluation

    Continuously monitor the progress of the implemented sustainability targets.

    step 2

    Provide regular progress reports to the client, highlighting the achievements, challenges, and areas for further improvement.

    step 3
    Continuous Improvement

    Collaborate with the client to identify opportunities for further sustainability enhancements and implement iterative improvements.

    step 4
    Follow-up Support

    Offer ongoing support and consultation to the client to address any emerging sustainability issues or new opportunities.

    Chief Executive

    Meet our trailblazing sustainability expert and chief executive. She brings her research&academic expertise into the industry and navigates the complex web of environmental challenges, uncovering innovative solutions that harmonise nature and business world.

    Dr. Serap Cevirgen
    Dr. Serap Cevirgen

    Dr. Serap Cevirgen

    Environmental Engineer


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